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Customer Testimonials

The following are letters from every day people like you who have tried Co-E1 Nadh. We thank them for allowing us to share their heartwarming stories. We urge you to read them and share in their triumphs.

It’s letters like these that remind us how important it is to continue to update and maintain this web site. We can only do this with your support. Thank you to all of our customers who placed their trust in us and had the courage to try something new.  We're happy to a part of your celebration!

- all of us at Renascent Systems - the NADH Store

If you have a story that you would like to tell, we would be happy to hear it.   Just send us a note at oneil@nadh.com. We’ll be sure to add them to our website at a future date, unless you ask us not to.


 "Thank for sending NADH! It has a good effect on me."

-Ludwig.A. in Austria

"...NOTHING I have tried has had such an impact on my body. My vision is crystal clear. I can think more clearly. I don’t feel like a rag doll, and I have a sense of general well being. I feel energized! There’s no way I’m going off this stuff."

-Fred C. in Minnesota

"…Your web site is very informative. Thank you!"

-Daniel .T. in Ohio

"…I highly appreciate your promptness and personal attention. You’re the best."

-Z.M in England

"…thanks for the hope your web site gives."

-LeRoy J. in Germany

"…I’ve been using NADH with tremendous results. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and with NADH, it was the first time I felt awake since 1993!"

-Sheila in New York

"…I want to thank you for the great information about NADH on your site. NADH is getting me started on the way back to a normal life. It has given me my life back by building up my systems, allowing my body to regenerate and helps me to sleep! Thanks so much!"

-Terri H. in California

"…. I wish you good luck in helping others. It has helped me tremendously!"

-Robert N. in Chicago

"…thanks for your prompt service. You all seem like very nice people."

-Andy in Seattle

"…Your web site is very informative. I learned a lot. Thank you very much for the interesting information."

-Mizue in Japan

"…I can’t tell you how glad, grateful, and enthusiastic I am since taking NADH!! I could, without reservation, go on and on. I stopped taking all 4 anti-depressant medications. Just a few days after taking ENADA – for the first time in years – I had the inclination and / or energy to exercise!! Thanks and thanks again."

-Barbara W. in Arizona

"…Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed perusing your ENADA website. It’s not only extremely informative, but entertaining too. I took the Guided Tour and learned so much that I decided to give the product a try. Thanks for the work you’re doing."

-Grace W. in Pennsylvania

"…Just in case someone is keeping track of the number of people who have been helped by NADH, let me say that I’ve been using it for about a month for Chronic Fatigue and Lupus (exhaustion, heat intolerance), and it is WORKING. It’s the only product that has helped me in about 15 years or more. Amazing!

-Sheryl in Omaha

"…Thank you so much for this website. I have suffered from CFS and fibromyalgia all my life while struggling every day to give the world energy and effort I didn’t have. I often blamed myself thinking I was lazy, a slug, a do-nothing – which made the depression worse and fostered low self-esteem. Through the years, I went to doctors, took medicines, bought a pharmacy of vitamins—but I received no benefits. A few months ago, my mate came across your website. We bought it—and within 8 days it changed my entire life. I am a "participant" in life now rather than a reluctant observer. I LIVE!!! And your website has given me a friend in an otherwise ignorant and lonely circumstance. Keep up the wonderful work…and God Bless You.

-Carol in Portland

"…I just wanted to let you know that NADH is the best thing that ever happened to me. I work very long days and commute 3-4 hours daily and I have had chronic fatigue and depression for almost 20 years. I haven’t been able to hold down a job for very long in the past. That’s all changing now because of NADH."

-Diane D. in Washington

"…My name is Paul. I live in California. I’ve had severe chronic fatigue idiopathic urticaria for 5 years. Urticaria is hives….terrible, awful, hives. I’ve tried every medication and supplement known to man, with no help. Since I started taking NADH one week ago, I have had NO HIVES! I am so excited that I may finally have found my silver bullet. Great website. Great product. Thank you so much!"

-Paul in California

"…I started taking ENADA and really like the results. I really enjoy going through your great website."

-Kristen in Alabama

"…I am very grateful for your promptness in filling my recent order. I only hope that my energy will increase as quickly"

-Sandra in New York

"…Usually when I run on my treadmill I have to stop about every 5 minutes to stretch because my calves and quads tighten so much. Today, I didn’t have to stop at all! Isn’t that wonderful? Maybe the NADH is going to work from the bottom up on me. So, it looks like clear sailing ahead."

-Sharon C. in Colorado

"…Today I feel so well that I’m going to ride my mountain bike for the first time since last summer. Can’t tell you what a difference your product has made in my life. Thanks again."

-Glenn O. in Mississippi

"…I have been sick with CFIDS since 1984. I have tried many products over the years with disappointing results. I prayed that something would help…my prayers have been answered. Since taking NADH 10 days ago, I have seen my energy level rise and I feel very well! I give the credit to God and to your product. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and support. God Bless You.

-Marc B. in Florida

"…I am only 51 – and now believe I can live a less painful life now because of NADH."

-Nancy L. in North Carolina

"…I have been a sufferer of CFS for about 5 years and really hadn’t found anything to relieve my symptoms. I’ve been taking Enada now for about 20 days – this stuff is AMAZING! Everyone has noticed the improvement in me (an improvement in coherency I wasn’t aware of). I noticed an improvement at day 3, but thought I must be going mad. I love this stuff! Thank you very much – and Dr. Birkmayer too for this wonderful help for CFS people."

-Jane T. in Idaho

"…Thank you for your excellent customer support."

-Allan in Canada

"…I received my confirmation that the Enada has arrived. I would like to say thanks for your courteous, efficient, and fast service. This has been a pleasure dealing with you, and I hope to give you more business in the future. I will also be telling my friends."

-Basil M in Thailand

"…Guess what? I don’t have any pain today and it’s only my 2nd day on NADH. Wow! I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect, but it’s a wonderful feeling. I still have muscle weakness, but I’m not as fatigued and it’s the first day in a couple of months that I have gone this many hours without painkillers. Gosh I hope this continues!"

-Sylvia S. in Illinois

"…Let me start by saying that I have used your product for many, many months and continue to use it daily at 5mg a day. What I’m about to tell you is very strange. All my life, I was a very nervous person, living a fast pace all the time. I’ve had debilitating panic attacks that were so bad, I thought I would never leave the house again. Through the years I have tried many nutrients and medications. Then one day, I came across your website. It was a new product that I’ve never heard about before. Claims were made about NADH boosting dopamine levels, and enhanced liver function…so something just told me to try it. I was taking a major leap of faith – because NADH is somewhat expensive. Within days I felt calmer, yet had more energy. Something else…for most of my life my hands have shook, nervous or not, it didn’t matter. My friends would tease me all the time, asking "What are you shaking for?" or "What are you scared of?", but they wouldn’t understand. After about 1 week or so of taking NADH, the shaking pretty much stopped. I was amazed!….thanks for a great product."

-Jay in Wisconsin

"…My beautiful 24 year old daughter has suffered from CFIDS for the past 7 years. When she was 16, an A student, Assistant Manager of a local card shop, and Captain of the Cheerleaders in school, she came down with a "summer virus". A summer virus that destroyed the next 2 years of high school and 5 years of college and continued until 3 weeks ago.

I do not (or did not) believe in testimonials. I believed they were, for the most part, paid for by the company promoting a product. This is my first testimonial letter….Nine weeks ago, we tried a new supplement that I started to do research on. She took one 5mg tablet of NADH for two weeks and then I had her increase the dosage to two 5mg tablets per day, first thing in the morning.

My daughter lives out of town, so I could not monitor how she was feeling every day. We talk once or twice a week and during my second call that week (about week 7) I asked how she was feeling. She asked if I really wanted to know. That has always meant it was worse than usual. But this time, instead of worse than usual, she said, "WONDERFUL". I told her not to be sarcastic. She said she wasn't'’. She said, "I have worked every day for the last nine days, went shopping, went to dinner and a movie, and went to a local club with friends. I have only taken one nap. And Mom? I forgot how long the day really was and how much you could do". I cried.

Any mother or father with a child with CFIDS lives every day with their pain as if it were their own. My daughter graduated with a degree…it took her 5 years to get through school and her grades suffered horribly. She slept through most of the days…she lost all of her scholarships and grants. She took a year off due to the psychological traumas CFIDS patients suffer…..

It has been 9 weeks and we have had 3 whole weeks of "WONDERFUL"….As most people with CFIDS we have spent thousands of dollars and seen dozens of doctors from traditional to naturopath, only to fail. We have tried numerous supplement therapies only to fail. You have given us hope….The word is spreading.

-Laurie W. in Connecticut

"...I started taking your supplement one month ago, and I can't believe the difference.  My energy levels are up.  I feel clear-headed (one of my problems was fuzzy brain and poor short-term memory).  I really feel for the first time that there IS something which is going to "cure" me...."

-Sue H. in the United Kingdom

"...I've been taking NADH for about 6 months now (10mg/day).  Incredible results!  I am 60 years old and my energy level has increased radically...noticed by others who have also started taking it!  The biggest surprise has been the 'Viagra-like' effects...but much better!"

-Rod M. - unknown location

"...after 2 weeks of taking 10mg / day...I am somewhat amazed to report that I feel more energetic...I'm writing an email after 11PM !!!!!"

-Sandra. in California

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